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Home Improvements started over 15 years ago as granite fabrication business to serve the needs of construction businesses and home improvement professionals.

We have-over the years- evolved and developed as a market leader in this field. We have fabricated and fitted Local Granite, Imported Granite and Caesarstone, and have now a wider  exciting range of products such as Silestone & the Africa Range Granite for the discerning consumer.



Home Improvements is your ideal place for a variety of stone ranges. From our local natural stone,  to the various imported range of stone. We believe that the beauty  is not only in the stone, but in the installation workmanship of these precious materials. We cater to the needs of tradesman, architects and walk-in clients who need advice on the purchasing of their stone, as well as the fitting. All our clients want their personal touch and we help them find what it is.

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Home Improvements has embarked on diverse projects which encompass  supply of stone and fitting of lodges, hotels, homes, and offices. We are therefore confident that we can deliver quality work in  every projects we take on.  Often, it is not about the price of the stone one chooses but the quality workmanship delivered after the fitment.

This is why, here at Home Improvements we have a 12-year warranty for our workmanship. We are open to execute our fitting jobs according to client specifications as long as they do not compromise the installation guidelines we have accrued from our vast experience. We also do not impose stone on clients but we offer expert advice according to the areas where the stone can be fitted to increase its durability..

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Home Improvements started over 15 years ago as granite fabrication business. Visit Us today and experience world-class service